About Us

Koukla Robes began with our search for the ultimate bath wrap. Our unique collection of luxury bath accessories was started by mother-daughter duo Kal and Aliki Kvitne. Being of Greek descent, both Kal and Aliki's childhood nickname was "Koukla" (pronounced kook-la). In Greece, koukla is a term of endearment for young girls, meaning "darling" or "doll".

Koukla Robes - About Us

Aliki was first introduced to the idea of bath wraps when she was gifted one as newly initiated member of her sorority at USC. She was so in love with the concept, but was disappointed by how quickly the fabric and Velcro would deteriorate. For the past several years, Aliki and Kal have been searching for the softest, most beautiful fabric and styles of bath wraps.

With great excitement and enthusiasm, we are thrilled to finally share our favorite finds with all of you! Carefully designed to combine comfort and style, our line makes you feel beautiful and comfortable while relaxing. Quality is extremely important to us at Koukla Robes, which is why our products are made with the highest quality of materials.

Not only do our bath wraps, robes, and cosmetic headbands feel deliciously soft to the skin, they are designed to last. They are perfect for:

    • Relaxing at home
    • Cover-ups at the pool or beach
    • Showering/changing at home, the spa, or gym
    • Dorms and sororities
    • Washing one's face
    • Applying skincare or makeup
    • Styling one's hair
    • Brides and their bridesmaids
    • Moms-to-be & new moms

Since launching, our line has expanded from bath wraps to the finest bath robes, cosmetic headbands, and face rollers...and we have big plans for the future!

If you would like to learn more about Koukla Robes, please contact us (below).